There For You When Your World Turns Upside Down
There are events in life that turn your world upside down: a car crosses into your lane on the interstate, your spouse asks for a divorce, or your doctor makes a debilitating mistake during a routine surgical procedure.

Then the dominoes begin to fall. Suddenly you have medical bills you did not have before. You have physical and emotional pain to manage. You are facing the biggest decisions and challenges you have ever encountered, and your judgment has never felt more clouded.

My name is Eric Harrison and I founded the Law Office of J. Eric Harrison, in Morristown, Tennessee, to help people regain control and turn their lives around after a major event. The main practice areas of my firm center around such events and include personal injury, family law and criminal defense.

If you have found yourself in unfamiliar territory and need a guiding hand from an experienced attorney, contact me today.

What I Offer


In addition to 17 years of experience, I give my clients the personal and human attention they deserve. I am an advisor and an educator. I will spend time with you to explain the legal process, your options and the potential outcomes. This is your case, your life — you need to be fully informed to make good decisions. With me by your side, you will have the facts and your judgment will be clear.

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I help individuals and families who have found themselves in a vulnerable position due to a DUI, car wreck, truck accident, personal injury, divorce or other significant event. If you are seeking a knowledgeable and established lawyer in Morristown, call me or contact me online.