What is it Like to Work with the Law Office of J. Eric Harrison?


My name is Eric Harrison and I have been an attorney for 17 years. In 1999 I opened my own firm with a clear vision for how I wanted to practice law and treat clients: with honesty, integrity and a commitment to client service.


Honesty: I Keep You Fully Informed

It is my job to wear two hats for you. I am both your lawyer and your counselor. As your lawyer you benefit from my years of experience, my in-depth knowledge of the law, and my reputation and good relationships in the legal community.

As your counselor, I am an advisor, a guide and an educator. I recognize that if you are coming to me you are probably facing a situation that you have never experienced before, whether it is a personal injury, a divorce or a criminal charge.

This is your case, your life — you need to be fully informed. I will spend time with you to explain how the process works, to let you know what to expect along the way and to set realistic expectations for the outcome of your case.


Integrity: I Share the Good, the Bad and the Ugly

When you work with me, you will quickly learn that I do not sugar coat the facts. I do not withhold information. I share the good, the bad and the ugly. Personal injury cases are long and drawn out — I won’t promise quick wins and exaggerated financial outcomes. At every step in the process, you will be able to confidently state that your lawyer informed and prepared you for the next steps.

You will also notice that I don’t toss around words like aggressive or relentless to describe my approach to handling cases. Yes, I am a passionate advocate, but I find that I can be highly effective for my clients without resorting to a combative style.


Commitment to Client Service: I Never Forget Why I Do What I Do

I understand that most people don’t come to a lawyer because something great is going on in their lives. I never forget that I am helping a person who has a problem that has likely turned his or her world upside down. I am not trying to turn a case, I am trying to make things right for an individual.

When you need a positive resolution in a bad situation, your lawyer often offers the only access you have to the system you need to work within. Your lawyer is your lifeline, the one you are counting on. I am humbled by the trust my clients put in me and I never forget why I do what I do.


Call Me At 423-546-0124

If you live in or around Morristown, Tennessee, and want the help of an accomplished and compassionate personal injury, family law and criminal defense attorney, I hope you will call on me. Contact me to schedule an appointment.